Get Your Biography On Google For Free.

Here is how to get free biography on Google for yourself , clients or your company which will help you to get better rank on Google and other platforms.

Click here to add your biography on Google.

First we need to know why biography on Google is important.

Well, imagine someone search your name on Google and get all the info about you.
Isn’t it amazing?

For this reason, you must need to add all the info on Google.

Click here to add your biography on Google.

===Benefits of biography on Google===

  • It will make easier for your fans to know about you.
  • You can simply ask your clients/partners to Google your name.
  • It may help you to get Google knowledge panel.
  • It may help you to get recognized by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as a celebrity which will give you blue verified badge.
  • It will help you to get more news/PR.
  • Whenever someone ask you “Who you are” you just simply ask them to search your name on Google.
  • It may help you to get a Wikipedia page.
  • It’s good for your business and career when your all information is available on Google search.

Click here to add your biography on Google.

=== How to add biography on Google ===

Well, there is many ways to add your biography on Google. You can’t add your biography without an well known website or online platform.

I’m gonna show you the way on how you can add your own biography.

There is some website which will help you to get your bio on Google.

  1. Wikipedia. If you have a Wikipedia page, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Google will recognize you very fast.
  2. IMDb, IMDb is the number on database for celebrities and mainly for actors, actresses, musicians, models and media personalities. If you have your biography on IMDb, Google will recognize you very fast.
  3. Allpedia, Allpedia is an online encyclopedia which is also called by “The Alternative of Wikipedia” mean if you don’t have a Wikipedia page, you can have a profile on AllPedia.
  4. Fact Sider, They have a team who writes and publish biography under the wiki section. Google will recognize you fast when you will have a biography on FS Wiki.
  5. Wupedia, this is another alternative of Wikipedia which will help you to get your biography on Google.


Click here to add your biography on Google.

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