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Who Is Sandy Botros? Learn About Her Biography, Career & More

Sandy Botros is an Egyptian/American founder. The 22 years old has founded The Women Can lead nonprofit organization in 2021. Botros is also the president of this organization; she is working towards assisting and inspiring young women. The goal of her organization is to build a community full of successful and powerful women. Botros mainly focuses on assisting first generation and international girls in their college journey. She tries to point them in the right direction while encouraging them to achieve their academic goals. Botros is an advocate for diversity and girls education.

Working as Instructor and Academic Coach
Member Member in The Community of Translational researchers in New Jersey
Award Most Inspiring Women Award, The Presidential Award
Education Rutgers University–New Brunswick
Occupation Researcher, founder


Botros is a Faculty member at Rutgers University, she started working as a writing Tutor in 2019 to help students succeed in their writing and research courses, she is also a college Instructor teaching college students Organic Chemistry and other courses. On top of that, she is an Academic coach assisting college students with meeting their academic goals. As an Academic coach she helps students develop skills, behaviors and habits that contribute to success in college by working with students on academic and career goal setting, learning strategies, time management and organization, self-regulation and self-efficacy.


She is a member of the Institute for Translational Medicine and Science RITMS and an active member of The New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science, gaining both memberships after completing research on The Clinical Trials Management System: Oncore. She is included within the community of Translational researchers at both Rutgers and The State of New Jersey.


Botros received many awards from Hudson county and the State of New Jersey for Academic Excellence. She started her academic achievement journey in middle school when she was selected as the “Student of the Year” and received a perfect score on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) which placed her amongst the top 1% in New Jersey. She also received “The president Gold” Award. She was the Valedictorian of her high school class in 2018 and she received the “Hudson County Scholar” award in the same year.
Botros was nominated for  the 2022 Most Inspiring Women Award from the United Kingdom.


Botros started her pageant journey in 2023 by competing in Miss New Jersey USA as a state finalist with the title “Liberty and Prosperity’’, she also competed in the East Coast USA pageant and claimed a runner-up position.