Tanzir Islam Britto Full Biography, Age, Career, Activism & More

Tanzir Islam Britto is a Bangladeshi Physician, clinical research enthusiast and internet personality hailing from Chittagong, Bangladesh. He was born in 1990 and has faced many challenges in his life, including battling lymphoma as a child and facing surveillance from terrorist groups. Despite these obstacles, Britto has become a role model for many young people in Bangladesh through his various endeavors.

Quick Facts
Md Tanzir Islam Britto
Born 1 January, 1990
Age 34 years
Birth place Chittagong, Bangladesh
Also known as সিডাটিভ হিপনোটিক্স
Occupation Physician

Full Biography

Britto’s activism extends beyond his writing. In 2013, he played a pivotal role in organizing the Shahbag Movement, which called for the death penalty for war criminals and an end to religious extremism. The movement was one of the largest mass movements in Bangladesh’s history, and Britto’s involvement put him under surveillance by a terrorist group.

Despite his public persona, Britto is known to be a private person. He enjoys watching documentaries, movies, and TV series, and has a deep appreciation for the poet Jibanananda Das. Alongside his writing and activism, Britto is also a physician. He completed his MBBS from Chittagong Medical College in 2014 and is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in public health.

In addition to his medical studies, Britto is involved in various social initiatives in his community. He is the founder and president of the Green Society, a non-profit organization that promotes environmental sustainability and awareness in Bangladesh. He is also a member of the Young Thinkers’ Forum, a group of young professionals who aim to promote critical thinking and social activism in Bangladesh.

Britto’s many accomplishments have earned him recognition both in Bangladesh and beyond. He has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Daily Star, the Dhaka Tribune, and The Financial Express. With his many talents and passions, Britto is sure to continue making a positive impact in his country and beyond.


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